It's time for a
New Design Story

Project 0906VB

Lead Author(s): Int. Arch. Gegea Veronica Andra and Int. Arch. Puscasoiu Bianca

Co-author(s): Arch Manda Ciprian

Interior design for MBQ | A new design story

Our proposal tries to insert in the shop space the universe of MBQ, it’s crafts, it’s materials and most importantly, it’s story.

We wanted to focus only on what’s important, the MBQ’s products, and the history behindthem. For that we chose to make everything else disappear by covering all the surfaces (except the floor) in matte black paint, and we used a focused light scheme, which mainly illuminates the display products. The main area of the store is treated very generously, with a row of solid wood modular tables, which act as the main display surfaces for the products, and a set of underneath storage boxes (painted matte black) on wheels. The adjacent walls can be display surfaces as well, with ample room for large scale posters and inspirational words from the craftsmen. The modular configuration of the display area means that it can be reconfigured with ease, should the situation require it. The tables can be put against the walls, and the storage boxes themselves can be used for display as well.

We wanted to have some well-defined areas for each activity, and for that we chose to use the furniture as the main tool.

Thus, the Shop Zone has some large surface display tables, modular in nature and a lot of wall surface for display purposes, the Discussion Zone has a row of tall tradition inspired wooden stools, around a blackboard painted wall, with a set of modular bar tops. The Coffee Shop and Register area are in the back room, but with a clear view of the whole space, behind a hand-crafted copper clad counter top. The staircase for the basement is surrounded in a wicker structure, like a traditional basket, which becomes a pivotal element for the space.

Lastly, in the back, there is a space reserved for a Pop-up Shop, with the adjacent surfaces painted in a gold leaf like finish, as a nod towards the rich history of jewelry crafting of the Roma people.

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