It's time for a
New Design Story

Project M0217R

Lead Author(s): Cosmin Tolbes

Co-author(s): Daniela Chitu, Mihaela Tolbes


Our concept is a medley of four ideas, as strongly and firmly stated as the whole statement of the store :


    We believe that this kind of products don’t need a special presentation , they have their own story to tell and they tell it out loud. The Package is merely a very narrow guide of lines that tend to define rather a “habitable” space of the product that to contain it . This is why we choose this form of presentation made of merely invisible boxes.( And because we have a really tight budget of course :) )


    We think that the product of craftsmanship is too personal and too precious to insist on fancy display modes, it has it’s own story and that is what we love about this products. The story is the actual package you get with this product, and it’s bigger than the product itself. That is why we thought that the display should be as personal as possible ( seen as intimate) but keeping in mind we do have a couple of products. So every product has it’s own space , and in the same time we raised the displayable surface for products from 2.5x ( present mode )to 5.5x for every meter of floor display area.


    Being the opposite of mass production , craftsmanship is in constant conflict with the whole idea of conveyor belt . We tried to bring this conflict to a reconciliation through design. We think that the two ideas are not necessarily fighting one another but should help each other, as both are revealing two extremes. Craftsmanship on one hand is pure, natural, personal and timeless, but the utility of mass produced items cannot be doubted. In our design we used mostly crafted items on display as they are the main actor of the scene, but in the back area, there are some wooden chairs on display also, respectfully, used as decoration on the wall, but also usable in the gathering scenario, as they can provide the seating needed at some point.

    Also, the whole ceiling idea ( though the keeping of the existing one was really tempting, as again the budget was calling upon us... ) is to gather used plastic bottles ( the activity is actually a source of income for couple of families, so why not pay them, we think this is the whole point of this study ). We created create a mesh for the ceiling from the bottle bottoms, eventually painted , so that we can have a constant display of cool crafted items together with the symbol of one-use items , the P.E.T. ( recyclable or not ). We think that thrown away doesn’t necessarily means lost and we can use this type of items creating interest and beauty .


    Our belief is that we can achieve sustainability by using local resources, and adding our time translated in design and craftsmanship to make objects that are both practical and also beautifull. We strongly believe that design has the power to heal through reshaping the existing to create the new .Our approach on sustainability is using as much as we can from local resources ( in this case local furniture and local finishing – mirror, floor, walls etc.) but also sustainable products ( osier, metal) and compensating the added value through design and craftsmanship. In this case, we provide the basic materials and the local craftsmen will weld the metal 10/10 mm wireframes, craft the osier doors, take the existing furniture and reconfigure it to make the new.

Thank you for this wonderful challenge!

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