It's time for a
New Design Story

Project AA2018

Lead Author(s): MARINA MIHAILA




The overall concept of the Mestesukar Boutique space creates interior unity. We took advantage of the generous height to create installations along the two walls, on which will be exposed handcrafted products. On the right wall, placed so that it can be seen from the window -  is the logo, framed by panels with traditional reinterpreted pattern, which continues on the ceiling. The bar has been placed so that it can be visible from the entrance, but it does not obstruct the view to the exposed objects, the exposing part being prevalent in the store. We have re-used some elements, considering that they will integrate successfully in the new design: the mirror that covers the structural element creates an interesting effect on the inside, of continuity of the walls – like a continuous panel in the back, without corners/borders and we wanted to keep it, as well as the matching copper lighting fixtures perfectly matches with the exhibits but also with the new proposal.

The proposed design succesfuly integrates new and existing materials. Firstly, the materials used in the proposal are inspired by the handcrafted products which will be exposed in the store. In this regard, we used mostly copper and wood, that is integrating with the proposed volumes. Secondly, there were used custom-made chairs, representing symbols used in the manufacturing process of the expoded items which are an accent, near the rectangle-shape bar. The furniture used for exposing products is shaped so that the products stand out through their unique shapes. Some of the boxes of the new design can be used among the existing ones used for exhibiting the products, which will be varnished at the same shade. The lighting bulbs along with the existing lighting fixtures are offering a cozy atmosphere. In all the exhibit space there are used multiple store items - some of them are being hooked on the copper structure, attached on the walls or simply arranged in a composition, integrating them as central pieces of the new design of the store.

The furniture is composed of modules that can slide on vertical or horizontal direction and it can be changed according to the needs and to the exposed items. We included a vertical panel which can be rotated and can be transformed into a table, used for the discussions corner or for different events or workshops. The space created can be used for a pop-up store or for multiple events.

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