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New Design Story

Project 1356MO

Lead Author(s): Arh. Carmen Ivan

Co-author(s): arh. Alexandru Ivanciu, arh. Natasa Andrei, arh. Raluca Popp


In an era driven by consumerism where buyers rarely orient their choice on how products are manufactured and the story behind them, the knowledge for traditional craftsmanship is losing interest and the few crafts still active are rarely supported and promoted, needing our imperative attention and care.

This type of craft requires great and unique skills inherited with each generation, blended into tradition and can only be understood and properly appreciated once presented in an original setting closer to the original one, where most of the master craftsmen worked and in some case lived.

This space was created as an object itself, simple and with the usage of "raw " materials, prime materials, the very ones used in the process of manufacturing these wonderful pieces/objects of craft: wood, rope, clay, metal. It resembles the setting in witch they were originally created, where some fellow craftsmen would work in groups, gather around a fire or central point of attraction - known as "Sezatoare" or "Claca".

As such, our space is organized, taking into consideration each type of craft required throughout the theme and takes you through these various crafts as in a journey, presenting it in a traditional and picturesque set offering the possibility of admiring them as well as offering the possibility of recreating the gathering groups, simultaneously for 2 and even 3 demo working sessions if needed, in order to better illustrate to the visitor the technique and atmosphere behind it all and raise their interest towards these unique and forgotten crafts.

The commercial aspect of this business is purposely left aside or camouflaged as well as the bar so that the displaying area has the majority, emphasising the artisanal products, transforming it into a gallery promoting traditional Roma and Romanian craftsmanship rather than an average commercial space.

Unfolding gradually through the entire length of the shop, the various collections are exhibited on the walls and niches, created to offer intimacy if required, so that the visitor can better experience by touching and observing the items and also delicately separating them from other crafts.

Without obstructing the customers path and still offering an overall artisanal experience, keeping it a flexible and open-space with an airy atmosphere, able to accommodate small events and social interaction, offering small meeting area (up to 10 pers) these niches are to be hand made out of loam.

The shop window is deliberately left transparent without any exhibited items, organized around a wooden crafted table, enabling this corner as well as any other area in the gallery to accommodate any events, such as Elle Decoration, to be hosted bearing the unique design of this shop.

An important part in this set is the acoustic element. Positioned away from the eyes of the customers but able to provide the authenticity of the manufacturing process, occasionally playing interviews with craftsmen, background music or even the sounds resulting in this process.

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