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New Design Story

Project 6913SX

Lead Author(s): Vlad BUCSOIU, Ioana BUZIOANU, Valeria ONCEAN 

Co-author(s): Claudiu BARSAN-PIPU,  Dania Victoria SFARGHIU

SHUK’ART [Have a coffee with the MBQ artists]

Our proposal is built around the MBQ's strategy of creating an intimate relationship between the client and the art. We encourage the customer to get to know the designer, the artisan and their story through changing the customer's experience of looking at a product. Our focus was not to define the space but to create a catalyst for social, artistic interaction which is based on a strong concept and a reconfigurable space. The handmade products are being discovered through exploration, interaction and socialization around specific areas which are not fixed but continuously evolve and adapt to art collections and events.Our approach tries to create a simple set of catalysts expressed as both furniture and interaction spaces that favor random discoveries and encounters of design, designers, artisans and art consumers.

We believe that an entirely flexible space would best serve the shop’s purposes. The proposalfacilitates a seamless transition between the social, informational and commercial realms. The space can be easily rearranged depending on the event or the character of the collection. The proposal includes a big range of displaying ways for the products and its information. We have imagined an innovative storagespace which consists of stacking and destacking modules that can be used as tables, exhibition modules and chairs. All elements have a multi-use character and can be used as storage, exhibiting and seating/serving modules. Thus, all the furniture and storage space are dynamically evolving based on the amount of needed furniture inside the main space. The storage space is covered by a polycarbonate semi translucent curtain that blurs but does not completely hide the stored elements. The concept of flexibility is present throughout all the design aspects of the space including the window display and the patterned wall that is spotted directly from the entrance. The same wooden cylindrical elements are used for exhibiting products and creating patterns.

Our proposal keeps the existing ceiling installation and replaces the regular light with smart led light bulb. Moreover, specially made light fittings that consist of “copaie” with matrix led represents an additional lighting feature. By introducing this design element, we combined old elements with new design techniques. The lighting installation contributes to the atmosphere of the shop that can be easily modified by changing the light colour.Buy a coffee, take a seat, get to know the artistsSpecially designed panels with unfolding tables, shelves and exhibition, adjustable pins permit a flexible display for the premium lifestyle products and information on the story of its design and manufacturing process. Proposed local manufactured furniture has a crucial role for maintaining the concept ofcollaboration with the artisans. These pieces of furniture permit the blending of two: coffee and MBQ products, inside the same space. Folding panels permit an unconventional way of exhibiting the product as well as of enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee. From the customers perspective, the experience of looking at an object in a shop shifts from a fast, standing and "passing by" gesture to a longer experience of taking a seat and being exposed to an interactive display of information on the story. Therefore, we create a new level of intimacy, a dialog between the customer and the artist, as if he/she is enjoying a cup of coffee while chatting to the designer or the artisan about the product that is lying in front of him. Another asset of the panels is serving as a social catalyst by encouraging interaction between clients. The seats are strategically placed face to face which brings a surprise element to the experience by encouraging two strangers that share the same passion for Roma and Romanian craftsmanship to sit together.

The idea of creating a dialogue is strengthened through the blackboard stretched on the left side of the shop, that works as a platform for social statements. It can involve contemporary artists that can use it as temporary and dynamic context for their art. This subtle touch would contribute to the shop's changeable character and would attract more visitors. The blackboard enables MBQ team to change its appearance and use it as a unique context for different events.The opposite wall is used for displaying more information on designers and artisans in storyline form. It is less changeable character allows a more permanent and thoroughly-thought information display containing facts and images.

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