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New Design Story

Project 9778QA

Lead Author(s): Stud. Arh. Placinta Carmen-Mihaela

Co-Author(s): Stud. Arh. Raluca Nistor, Rogobete Adrian, Petrisor Stefania 

The “Caravan”

Being inside the caravan should feel like being inside a protective womb; it should feel as if you were introduced in a different reality, of softness and protection, that coexists with the outside, without direct interaction.

The concept of the projects relies on quoting the ethnic idea of a caravan, with its hanging fabrics and its dynamic shape, that spreads from a wall to another and engulfs the room, hiding and concealing the physical limits of the space.

The inspiration comes from the nomadic lifestyle of the rromani craftsmen, that we tried to suggest through the project, a lifestyle of perpetuous movement, of letting life change its course as gently as a breeze would alter the appearance of a hanging fabric.

Physically, the concept materializes mainly through a large sheet of pale ivory coloured cotton, that will form a curved surface, in an asymptotic-like growth, starting from the vertical surface of the wall, at around half of its height, and spreading up until the upper corner of the opposite wall. In order to give the fabric the flowy, dynamic shape that best reflects the concept, it will be hanged from the ceiling, in grips of different heights, thus letting gravity arrange the hanging fabric in an organic and natural manner.

Further, we tried to introduce an element of contrast, through a large custom-made object, a table that will serve as an exhibition space with storage underneath, a cash register area, a bar and a sitting area, all united into this continuous sheet of folded black metal that increases its height according to the different functions for which it serves. This main objects creates a strong contrast with the soft, organic fabric on the walls, through crisp edges and defined parameters, that make this object the stand-alone piece of the space.

Along the left wall, by the door, we created another object, a smaller one, a shelf-like object, in order to increase the surface for storage and exhibition. The shelves are also made from thick black sheets of metal, with wide vertical elements that stand arranged at various angles, so that they can form a complete or partial background ,to better highlight the objects on display.

The cafeteria area stands in the background of the concept, as the final part of the exploratory journey through the store space, it is a sound and secluded space, with clusters of light bulbs descending towards the surfaces, in order to create a serene and cozy environment that would better suit its function. The furniture is designed specifically for the function, with a custom made sofa, from the same material and with the same technique as the main exhibiting surface, doubled with leather pads and ethnic cushions, to accentuate the eclectic and dynamic character of the ethnic group that provided the inspiration for the concept. The metal sofa offers the support for cantilevered round counter spaces, that serve as tables, in order to maximize the use of space. Wooden carved stools will provide the sitting furniture, and a gentle craftsmanship-like touch , so that the visitor can use these stools that will be locally produced and identical to the ones exhibited.

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