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New Design Story

Project OT1980

Lead Author(s): Oana Doina Trusca

Co-author(s): Alexandru Ioan Patrichi

MBQ Store Concept Design


The project aims to transform the store space into a fluid and neutral area that highlights the artisan’s products and their life style. 

In order to provide a coherent picture of the shop, the ceiling becomes a neutral element where,

with regularity, the lights and ventilations grills are placed. On the ceiling there are small white

hooks from which a rack bar for cloth display could be hanged, various decorations can also be

displayed at the entrance window.


The proposed furniture with its white, wave pattern introduces visitors of the shop into a unique atmosphere and at the same time allows them to admire the exhibited products.

The waved shelves are disposed along the walls of the shop and

have: variable height, width and depth for greater versatility. The central

area of the store, surrounded by shelves, can be a free space, or two working

tables with four chairs each can be added. These tables have variable

positioning along the shelves and can divide the store space into thematic

sub-spaces. These tables can be used also as an extra exhibition area for

products. If there is an event in the store that requires the free central

space, these tables can be dismantled and stored in the basement, and the seats

by their simply overlapping can be converted into exposure spaces.


 The bar area and cash register are located in the back of the store, closing the perspective of the interior space with a friendly area where coffee can be served. 


The simplicity and dynamism of the project are aimed to introduce the customers into a dream

atmosphere where the handmade products become the main actor.

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