It's time for a
New Design Story

Project 1L4N43

Lead Author(s): Papa Vlad Florin

Co-author(s): Baitel Ana-Maria, Ionut Dinu


The work of a craftsman is a synthesis of his life. A man will not be able to comprehend his work without coming to understand the years required to perfect his craft. We felt that a space dedicated to exhibit and marketing his craft, should make appeal to the place where his craft is born: the workshop. Entering a craftsman workshop is an unique experience. At first the viewer will be overwhelmed by the ambiguous mixture of patterns, objects, worn materials and the overall synesthesia.

By walking through the space we begin to discover it's specific and unique story.

This concept proposes an alveolar space which brings two distinct dimensions by merging together two complementary ways of surface treatment. A cold "outside "space composed by the floor (which remains as it is) and panels covered in white brick wallpaper, and a warm "inside" space as a hint to the craftsman's working place.

By this attitude what we want to bring in foreground is not a simple highlight of the object, but the scenography of an artist's workshop. In order to achieve this we have chosen to decorate the space by joining together raw materials, in order to complement the texture of the object itself. The result is a display of "a frame" of workshop. The viewer will be attracted to enter this frame in order to discover the true uniqueness of the craftsman's work. 

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