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Project 2210LD

Lead Author(s): Parghel Laura Ioana

Co-Author(s): Marasoiu Doriana Gabriela 


An alternative design for Mesteshukar ButiQ

In designing our solution for the MBQ space, we focused on the following:

  • organizing the space to maximize functionality, as the available space is relatively small;
  • keeping interactivity and flexibility as key concepts of the design, both in terms of the separation of the store and regarding the furniture;
  • the product collections are the most important elements of the store design – the customers need to be able to observe, study and touch them.

The materials that inspired us are related to the materials that most of the products in the store are also made of: metal and wood. This combination generates a neutral atmosphere and facilitates a type of display that allows the customers to observe the products from any location in the store.

We started with a metal structure which, whilst rigid in appearance, is articulated around the existing elements, enveloping the walls and bringing uniformity to the space.

Through three elements which can be introduced in the network by the store owners and as necessary to emphasize the changing collections over time – the metal bar used for hanging, racks for static placing and wooden boxes for highlighting key products – the structure becomes a friendly yet neutral support for presenting the products. At the same time, near the bar, the structure becomes a support for prints of the makers of the products in the store.

The racks and the wooden boxes can be created from the materials recovered from the existing furniture. Similarly, the existing mirror will be partially kept. The background for the white metal structure are the light grey walls, which de-emphasize it further.

The wall in the back is decorated with a wooden panel housing the store’s logo. The rear area contains an interactive bar, which becomes the till area during opening hours, or a meeting "room" when necessary. The bar integrates the white goods given in the project request, as well as a mini fridge encased at the front, which can be hidden or not, as necessary.

We treated the ceiling playfully yet still elegantly, by keeping the existing lighting fixtures in place but filtering them from view through a seemingly disorganised network of wooden pieces that appear to “levitate”. These elements get nearer the expositional structure around the window with the aim to create an interesting view from the outside.

A large part of the furniture will be made-to-order by Romanian craftsmen and workshops. The chairs used are made in Romania by Mobirom and Francesca Decor.

To conclude, our solution considers very important using the space in a flexible and interactive way, supporting the needs of the store as the product collections change over time. We aimed for an elegant yet unobtrusive design that highlights the products and the MBQ concept.

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