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New Design Story

Project 0300MA

Lead Author(s): Madalina Udrescu

Co-author(s): Andrei Banu

WEAVING – The story of a craft


     On the porch of the house, in the courtyard by the fire or even in the open field – these are all places where man started practicing their handcrafts. The natural environment not only surrounds but also gives much needed resources to all craftsman. 


     MBQ – as a brand and store – has the important quality of bringing together both Roma and Romanian trades and crafts and presenting them as a single element, that stood the test of time. This act of creating a unifying, more complex product out of interconnected units is best defined through the process of “WEAVING” – the main conceptthis design was based upon. The weaving technique is not limited to the production of fabrics or textiles, but defines all products that are created by twisting, braiding, overlapping, intertwining of different components.


     The design project was focused on recreating a more natural environment, closer to the roots and birthplaces of the handcrafted items. All proposed elements are woveninto an ensemble, alongside existing pieces of furniture and objects designed by the craftsman. Every single new item brought to the space will either bear the signature of a local designer, or be created with the help of the MBQ designers, thus putting an emphasis on the manufacturing process of their individual crafts. 


The mainelements of design and materialsused in the proposal are as follow: 

⸙    Natural twigs for the woven ceiling panels (85x145 cm) - the existing ceiling structure will be reinforced with rectangular metal pipes above the main display area, and the detachable woven twig panels will be hanged with hooks, as to allow for maintenance of the ventilation units;

⸙    Wooden planks and rope as shelving units - long jute ropes (1 cm thickness) will be hanged with hook anchors directly from the concrete ceiling and with the help of strong knots will sustain 2cm thick shelves made out of wood;

⸙    Tree branches hanged from the ceiling as display units for clothes hangers, bags, jewelry or base frame for pendant lights above the main reception area; 

⸙    Leather accents for seat cushions, furniture door handles and coats hangers for customers;

⸙    Copper pendant lights for the seating coffee shop area;

⸙    Existing wooden frames (repurposed as flexible, mobile furniture units) and handcrafted stools - the small existing pieces of furniture (chairs, seating cushions, low height tables) or accessories are used as display items but can also be purchased by customers, as to promote the future creation of new items.

The color paletteof the interior design consists of natural warm hues(from elements such as beech wood, wicker, copper, brass, tree branches), neutral colors(black, grays and white) and two accent colors: tomato red(similar to the existing storefront window frames) and pastel turquoise(a complementary color to the natural warm hues). The central perspective wall, behind the main reception counter, is painted a dark gray color, which adds depth and concentrates the viewers attention upon the logo MBQ – Meșteshukar ButiQ

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