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Project 8092DR

Lead Author(s): arh stagiar Raluca Nicoleta HANCHES

Co-Author(s): arh Dan-Andrei TONCA


The main purpose of the project was to design a different type of display for the products. A simple, minimalist solution that makes the product stand out and invite the client to interact with it.

Jewelry and small accessories area

This area is composed of three objects, which make a composition together.

Home décor objects and kitchen items

The objects meant to display this collection are actually two tables with 6 chairs. The chairs are a structural cube 45×45×45 cm, with one side of plywood, they can be put under the table if are not necessary or can be used to display items on them.

The two tables and the chairs can be rearranged offering multiple possibilities for workshops, meetings, drinks, discussions.

Clothing, bags and fashion accessories area

The objects meant to display this collection are more structural so that the clothes can be hanged on them, as well as bags and other accessories.

Bar area

This area is in the back of the store and it’s made from the same materials as the others. It accommodates an espresso machine, a coffee grinder, a pitcher rinser with drip tray, a mini fridge, a mini ice machine. The sink will be from hand beaten copper.

Office and display for cakes/ biscuits and juice

Surrounding the stair that go to the basement is the object that contains the office area, the sweets display and a cafe area for four persons.

The office next to the bar accommodates room for one person with a small desk, suitable for a client – supplier meeting.


  •   rectangular welded structures made from simple metal pipes (20×20 mm), painted white used for the structure of the objects.

  •   Colored secured glass for partitions;

  •   multilayer plywood for shelves;

  •   green walls;

  •   copper for objects (lamps, sink);

  •   blue pastel colored background that make objects stand out and makes the space more spacious;

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