It's time for a
New Design Story

Project 1311NL

Lead Author(s): Lucian Corduneanu, Nicoleta Ivan


To the outside viewer, watching craftsmen work is a hypnotic experience. The rhythmicity of the creative process induces a meditative state: sight becomes focused on the repetition and order of the craftsmen’s movements, the gradual evolution of the materials and the passion which ultimately transcend into the harmony of the finished product. The objects are similar, but not the same, as each holds a piece of the craftsman’s soul. Matter becomes merely a reflection of the skill and labour poured onto it.

The space that we propose aims at visually representing this experience. The visitor exists the turmoil of the Bucharest streets and enters, through the portal represented by the front scenographic display, into this alternative space of order and rhythmicity. The square sections rotate ever so slightly, inducing a hypnotic effect and acting as a metaphor for how the repetitive movements of the craftsman mark the passage of time. The grey coloured stripes on the walls create unity and are abstract representations of how skill and labour are reflected into the materials, from black – the raw material found in nature, untouched by man – to white – its final state, where it becomes merely a vessel for the craft put into making the end product.

From a practical point of view, the sections divide the space offering intimacy and concentrating the attention towards the products, limiting the line of sight to only a few of them at a time. The objects are presented on open shelves, allowing the customer to interact with them directly. The neutral colors of the stripes on the walls provide the ideal background for the objects, highlighting the materials that had been used and their colors. The display sistem is modular and it can be easily rearanged. It consists of shelves attched with hidden aluminium conectors to the neutral painted backgroud wall. Some of these shelves may be used as tables during workshops or other social activities.

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