It's time for a
New Design Story

Project 2789IH

Lead Author: Paraschiv Ramona


Convergence represents reconnecting the human being with nature because this is the most restful environment for people. The feeling of intimacy that is brought by the use of only natural materials will make the customers want to spend more time in this place.

The flooring, made out of compressed clay, and the wicker panels that flow on the ceiling recreate the idea of a natural environment. The three panels that are on the left entrance wall represent the creation resulted from the interaction between humans and nature and are also some of the materials used in MBQ designs (copper, textile and leather).  

The space has an open view from each corner due to the low height furniture. Right from the entrance the shops logo is the focal point. Although it is an open space there is a clear separation of the functions and the café area is not easily visible from the entrance.

People can interact easily with the objects that are displayed and the positioning of the furniture is very flexible so it can be switched for hosting different events. Also the lighting can be moved to emphasize various exhibitions. Each piece of furniture has a unique design and they come together in harmony with their simple geometry and the use of natural materials.

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