It's time for a
New Design Story

Project 0527AV

Lead Author(s): Vladimir Nicula, Dr. Arch. 

Co-author(s): Stud. Arch. Andrei Varvara, Stud. Arch. Vlad Ducar



Our first impression on the space is that it's really nice as it is. Basically, except for some functional requests, we currently like the shop, ever since its initial opening. This proved to be quite a challenge, since we had no intention to change too much. However...

Forged Steel meets Wood

We started looking for common materials/techniques throughout what still remains of the "old Bucharest". To our surprise, the gates and fences of mostly all urban houses contain this simple, yet powerful element, which is the forged steel. Elegant and slender, the forged steel parts can withstand a lot of weight, but still provide a very graceful presence to an otherwise functional item.

It is a blend of functionality, elegance and craftsmanship that inspired the main objects that populate our proposal. We therefore came up with the idea of using forged steel supports for the wooden showcase boards. The objects thus resulting may offer the opportunity to display several types of objects, some simply laid on the boards, some hanged in between the vertical supports. The base may be used for storage of other similar objects or wrapping and accessories.

The rest of the space will be conserved as is, with little to no intervention whatsoever. We already decided to keep some of the existing objects, such as the armchair at the entrance together with the copper coffee table in front of it.

The most challenging task was to include the coffee point by KANE. We used the middle of the shop for inserting a minimal bar, while the back of the shop, with its enlarged surface, is more than suitable for spreading 3 round tables and a bench adjacent to the back wall. The design for all these objects is using mainly wooden elements and is somehow common for all the rest of the arrangement, including the radiator masks, which we redesigned, keeping in place the heating equipment that already exists in place. The same goes for all ventilation and lighting devices.

The colour blue

One important feature of our proposal is colour. Besides the natural colour of the wooden boards and cupboards, the dark forged steel structural supports, we consider that a way of emphasizing the displayed objects is to put them in a strong contrast with the material they are showcased against. We therefore decided to cover the top of the display boards with an electric blue, that still keeps the natural texture of the wood, but highlights the exhibited items in a fashionable and modern way.

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